Affordable Air Filters

Handcrafted in Florida


The double layer filter pad inserts are designed to trap any harmful particles out of the air, protecting your unit's coil from getting dirty, and providing clean, breathable air in your home.

Washable filter. Designed with 5 layers of filter material. This superhero literally zaps the particles out of your home using static electricity! No Additional hookups needed.

HandCRAFTED air filter collection

With Best Price Air Filters, you get sufficient protection for your AC unit and your home at the best price.

Wall return

Ceiling return

Side of horizontal air handler hanging in garage

Side of horizontal air handler in attic

Bottom of vertical air handler, in garage or closet

Between the duct and the air handler.

First, check side of filter to find sizing..

If you can’t find the size this way,
measure your filter using a tape measure:




If your unit, or your return does not have a filter, hurry up and get one in there!
The measurements can be found by measuring the space where the filter should be.. using the same technique as shown above.

Your filter will be sent into production the very next morning. Our production team is super efficient, they always get them manufactured in less than 48 hours (go production team)!
Your filter will be mailed to you, which takes 3-7 days for shipping and you’ll be good to go!


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